689 is an experimental collaborative exhibition exploring ideas of intimacy and female subjectivity in art, pop culture and self-projection. Bringing together two young artists – Claire Adams Ferguson and Rachael C. Gallacher – and a curator – Amélie Claude – they explore, experiment and expose their personal lives as a reflection of political and artistic issues.

Organised in the framework of Glasgow Open House Art Festival 2014, the exhibition 689 embraces the ‘domestic space’ to challenge the boundaries of intimacy, and to lessen the gap between maker and personal identity in the exhibition space. Claire, Rachael and Amélie welcome the viewer to engage with them as makers on a realistic and personal level. In questioning the realness of photographic self-projection face to face with the reality of of each one of us, they try to challenge and traverse the identity of each as a person, a woman and an artist… 

689 is a work-in-progress performative exhibition where everyone is welcome to join, share and observe.

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